Design and R&D

Starting from our customers’ requests, we design and develop our optimal solution working closely with them.

This approach – listening to each other and sharing ideas – is crucial, as each company is unique. Therefore, the peculiarities of each company must be used and turned into the strengths of the plant.

We always use 3D modelling software to get a real idea of the plant from the very beginning.

As we have always designed tailor-made products for our customers, our R&D department is constantly focused on finding the best solution and components, and the most suitable materials for each application.

In our steady search for the optimal solution, we have worked together with most of the leading players in the automation industry, from commercial gripper manufacturers to sensor producers, including robot manufacturers, building up with them – over many years of experience - a relationship based on mutual esteem.

Our key elements in design:

  • Application robustness
  • High-quality material
  • Durability
  • Continuous integration

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